Community Food Forests in Aruba

Our mission is to grow food and restore nature, based on permaculture and syntropic agroforestry principles.

How to Plant a Food Forest

Anyone can create a food forest in their own garden following a few basic principles, explained in our manual!

Eventually an ecosystem will emerge without the need for fertilisation or pesticides. Once the food forest is established it has its own micro climate, and needs little or no watering.

By carefully selecting fruits and vegetables, it's possible to plant in multiple layers, optimising photosynthesis and harvest, even on a small patch of land!

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Education in Schools

Planting a school garden is the perfect way to teach about nature, healthy food, and growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Reach out to us for guidance and help on setting up a school garden.

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Join our Community

Joining our work sessions is the best way to learn more about this innovative technique. We set up new food forests all the time, so contact us and come help out!

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