SyntropicA is a community driven movement for improving food security and nature restoration.

Basic instructions for setting up a plot

For setting up a plot, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Aerate soil using a pick or other sturdy tool.
  2. Measure beds & walking path.
  3. Dig 20 cm(or wider) to add organic material (wood logs)
  4. Add organic material to walking path. (wood log, grass clippings, mulch)
  5. Dig beds 30 cm deep, 70 cm wide(or wider)
  6. Add ash, manure, compost to beds.
  7. Add leaves, grass clippings, mulch.
  8. Water leaves immediately to avoid leaves blowing away.
  9. Plant potted plantains & bacoba trees first. 1st
  10. Plant all other potted half grown trees. 2nd
  11. Plant pineapples, spinach. 3rd
  12. Plant veggie seeds. 4th
  13. Plant grass. 5th
  14. Plant yucas. 6th
  15. Sprinkle radish & other veggie seeds around all trees & other plants
  16. Add mumbasa or vetiver or other grass

Examples of designs

When designing your plot, you'll need to plan beforehand what your layout is and what you'll be growing. For a little extra help, here are the designs used for several plots on Aruba: